A Conspiracy of Friends

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A Conspiracy of Friends


Following on from the huge success of the 44 Scotland Street series, Alexander McCall Smith has ‘moved house’ to a crumbling four-storey mansion in Pimlico – Corduroy Mansions. It is inhabited by a glorious assortment of characters: among them, Oedipus Snark, the first ever nasty Lib Dem MP, who is so detestable his own mother, Berthea, is writing an unauthorised biography about him; and one small vegetarian dog, Freddie de la Hay, who has the ability to fasten his own seatbelt. (Although Corduroy Mansions is a fictional name, the address is now registered by the Post Office.)

Also available, the second in the Corduroy Mansions Series The Dog Who Came in From the Cold and the latest in the 44 Scotland Street Series The Importance of Being Seven.


‘teeming with charm’ Publishers Weekly

A Conspiracy of Friends, Alexander McCall Smith’s latest novel, is a heart-warming read. Like most of what [he] writes, the book is an excellent tonic for whatever ails you’ Toronto Star

‘His thinking is subtle, his observations of human nature and society acute, his plotting watertight, his characters vivid and his turn of phrase sometimes astonishingly beautiful and moving’ Sydney Morning Herald