Corduroy Mansions

Corduroy Mansions


A Conspiracy of Friends

It’s a conspiracy! Everyone in Corduroy Mansions – that crumbling but beloved mansion block in London’s Pimlico – seems to be struggling with their nearest and dearest.

The fine, but crucial line between friendship and romance has become somewhat blurred to fine art graduate Caroline, whilst over at the Ragg Porter Literary Agency business rivalry leads to a an unseemly tussle over the ownership of Autobiography of a Yeti. In the Snark household, psychoanalyst Berthea suffers on two fronts: her brother Terence Moongrove indulges his penchant for fast cars, whilst her son Oedipus Snark M.P., is the unacceptable face of the Liberal Democrats. Even easygoing wine merchant William French finds his loyalties and his troubles increase when his faithful Pimlico terrier, Freddie de la Hay, disappears on a mystery tour around the surrounding countryside.
Will he find his way back? Is this the end of Freddie de la Hay? Is this the end of Corduroy Mansions?
In the third volume of the lives of the residents of Corduroy mansions, Alexander McCall Smith’s genius for storytelling and eye for the quirky details of modern life conspire to entertaining episodes, and beautifully observed characters. And with friends like these, who needs, well, anything else!

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