Love Over Scotland

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Love Over Scotland


By popular demand, a second series soon followed and it was duly published as the novel Espresso Tales. Now in this third volume Bertie, that most talented six year old, continues his heroic struggle against his insufferable mother and her henchman, the psychotherapist Dr Fairburn; Pat becomes the object of the attentions of a handsome and mysterious admirer; Cyril, that remarkable gold-toothed dog, has a brush with disaster; and Big Lou, as ever, provides coffee and advice for the whole cast of characters.

The appeal of the 44 Scotland Street series lies in both the author’s talent for entertaining his readers – broad comedy, cheerful satire and philosophical aside – all have their place – but also in the affectionate portrait of a city and its people who, in the author’s own words, make it one of the most vibrant and interesting places in the world.’



He’s brought us a sleuth from Botswana, a Scottish-American moral philosopher and an eccentric German professor who conjugates irregular Portuguese verbs. Now Alexander McCall Smith returns home to Scotland again for this irresistible tale revolving around residents of an Edinburgh apartment building . . . Smith has rendered another winner, packed with the charming characters, piercing perceptions and shrewd yet gentle humor that have become his cachet’ Chicago Sun-Times

[44 Scotland Street] does for Edinburgh what Maupin did for San Francisco: it seeks to capture the city’s rhythms by focusing on a small, emblematic corner . . . A light-hearted, genial soap opera’ Financial Times Magazine

A joyous, charming portrait of city life and human foibles, which moves beyond its setting to deal with deep moral issues and love, desire and friendship. Without resorting to clichéd cliff-hangers, McCall Smith has mastered the short, episodic chapter’  Melissa McClemments, Sunday Express

like bathing in glorious prose’ Simon Mayo, BBC Radio 5

’this is humour with a very rare extra ingredient: moral grace’ Scotsman