44 Scotland Street

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44 Scotland Street


In the first of this delightful series, Pat MacGregor moves in to 44 Scotland Street with the narcissistic Bruce Anderson. An Edinburgh chartered surveyor and stalwart of the Conservative Association, he dreams of membership of Scotland’s most exclusive golf club. Their neighbours include Irene Pollock, the pushy Stockbridge mother, and her prodigiously talented five-year old son Bertie, who is making good progress with the saxophone and with his Italian. And last but not least Domenica Macdonald, that type of Edinburgh lady who sees herself as a citizen of a broader intellectual world.



‘There is something about McCall Smith’s writing that allows you to feel that his characters really exist’ Guardian

‘Outrageously funny’ Bookseller

‘McCall Smith’s assessments of fellow humans are piercing and profound…. [His] depictions of Edinburgh are vivid and seamless’ San Francisco Chronicle

‘A fine writer [who] paints his hometown of Edinburgh as indelibly as he captures the sunniness of Africa. We can almost feel the mists as we tread the cobblestones’ Dallas Morning News